What’s the hype about Hipe!

What is Hipe!

Hipe! is an online magazine that is published on the first of every month. It is available as a PDF, a flip-book format with pages that turn and curl, and also as a version for smart phones and tablets. Most of the articles in the magazine have an audio version that is for readers that are visually impaired.

The magazine is interactive and many articles contain links to videos. Hipe TV is our dedicated YouTube channel.

Hipe began in August 2007 and in April 2016 we published our 100th edition of the magazine.

Currently we also run 2day’s Teen, an online magazine aimed at high school readers. It is also the plan to launch new magazines in the near future.

Why is it named Hipe!

Originally the name of the magazine was going to be Hype! This name, however, was already being used for a magazine. So we changed the name to Hipe! which fits in with our slogan "it's kynda different".

Who writes for Hipe!

We have a few regular writers, but many of the articles come from those that are new to the writing game. Hipe offers a platform for those that are looking to get their articles published.

What is the aim of Hipe!

Hipe! has three main aims. Our prime objective is to get people, especially young people, reading. Our readership profile and figures show that we are meeting this objective.

Our second objective is to discover and promote new writing talent in Africa. We believe that there are many incredible stories just waiting to be told. All that is needed is a vehicle where the writers can be seen. We believe that Hipe! is that vehicle.

Last, but not least, we want to highlight Africa to the rest of the world. We all know that Africa can be a harsh continent and we've all read the horror stories about Africa. We will never shy away from controversial stories, but we also know that there is a lot of good in Africa. Often the positive aspects of Africa do not get media attention. There is an old saying in journalism - "bad news sells". Well we also want to highlight the good news as well as the bad.

What is the content of Hipe!
Anything that we, or you - the readers, feel is of interest.

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