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Adverts appear on all pages of the site. All adverts are interactive so readers can click on them to visit your website and your video advert.

Video adverts are a relatively new concept. Hipe has its own channel on YouTube. As part of your advertisement we will come to you, script, film, edit and produce a video advertising your business or service.

This video is then uploaded to our YouTube channel. We will also provide you with a copy of the advert on DVD. If your advert is entertaining or informative, people are going to watch it! If they like it they will then share it with others. In this manner you can create massive brand awareness in a short space of time. The ideal length of a video advert is usually between one and five minutes.

Advertising Rates

Page advert - R5 000 per month

Clickable strip advert at the bottom of a page - R1 000  per month.

All adverts include the scripting, filming, editing and production of a video advert.

We also provide a 5% progressive discount. Book your advert for two editions and you will receive 5% off of each edition and for three a 10% discount off of each edition and for four a 15% discount off of each edition and so forth up to 60% off for 13 plus editions.

Moreover, if you would like to shoot, let’s say, 12 unique adverts for 12 editions then we have no qualms in entertaining your request or if you would like to use your own video advert then we can oblige you as well.

Another benefit to you, and this is an important bonus, is that with every Prime Package comes the opportunity to have your advert attached to any one of the competition or feature videos that may run in that particular edition for that month….we rank our competition winners by the number of YouTube views, therefore your advert will be seen by the most viewers.

Advertising deadlines

All advert copy for the magazine must be in no later than the 20th of the month prior to publication. Please allow 15 days prior to publication for filming and production of video adverts.



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