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September 2018

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Military Despatches is an online monthly digital magazine aimed at military enthusiasts.

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What’s in the September Issue?

Top Ten Military Achievements
Ten military achievements that changed the face of war.

Winning the booby prize
In a war zone anything could be booby trapped and throughout history these sneak devices have been employed with great success.

A matter of survival - Finding water
This month we continue looking at how to find water.

Rank Structure - SANDF
This month we look at the South African National Defence Force.

From the Delta to the DMZ
We pay a visit to Vietnam.

Sea Cadets Mid-year Camp
The mid-year camp held at TS Woltemade.

Sea Cadets show UCT students how to lead
By Sinethemba Ncetani, UCT Geology student & Groote Schuur Residence 2018 Subwarden.

Quiz - Who am I?
We show you a close up photo, you tell us who it is.

Head-to-Head - Weapons and equipment of World War II
We look at the weapons and equipment of the major players in the European theatre of the war.

Famous Figures - Võ Nguyên Giáp
The history teacher who became known as the Red Napoleon.

Forged in Battle - The Parachute Regiment
The British Parachute Regiment is known as one of the elite units. And it has the battle honours to prove it.

Battlefield - Dien Bien Phu
The battle that proved to be another Waterloo for France.

Game Review - World of Guns: Gun disassembly
Informative, challenging and lots of fun.

Movie Review - Platoon
One of the better Vietnam War movies.

Book Review - Paratus magazine
Sheer nostalgia.

September in Military History
Some of the main military events that happened during the month of September.

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