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June 2018

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Military Despatches is an online monthly digital magazine aimed at military enthusiasts.

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What’s in the June Issue?

Ten most dangerous military roles
These are ten military roles in history that you did not want.

Zimbabwe visitors
SA training ship hosts Zimbabwe Sea Cadets.

When age means little
In South Africa, 16 June is celebrated as Youth Day.  In this article we look at four notable military accomplishments by youngsters.

A matter of survival - Survival pouch
This month we look at how to put together a survival pouch and choosing a survival knife.

Rank Structure - WWII Soviet Union
This month we look at the Russian Military in World War II.

The one and only
Sub Lieutenant Masego Mosupye is not just the first female chemical engineer in the South African Navy, she is the only one.

Miracle of the skies
A mid-air collision over Tunis left an American B-17 bomber almost torn in half. Yet by some miracle it completed its bombing mission and returned home to its base.

Centenary of the Two-Minute Silence
On Monday 14 May 2018, the Noon Day Gun in Cape Town fired not once, but twice. And there was a very special reason for this.

Bombers of World War II
This month we look at some of the iconic bombers of World War II.

Edwin Swales
The South African pilot and Master Bomber who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and a posthumous Victoria Cross During World War II.

Quiz: Who said that?
Some military figures have said some wise things about war. Others have made bold statements.

B-17 Flying Fortress
The third most produced bomber of all time.

The Battles of Muizenberg and Blaauwberg
There were a few early battles on the coast of South Africa, most of which were little more than skirmishes. The two outstanding ones were the Battles of Muizenberg and Blaauwberg.

Game Review - SPMBT
Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank, One of the best strategy games ever. And it’s available for free.

DVD Review - Memphis Belle
WWII film based on a real event.

Book Reivew - SAAF’s Border War
The South African Air Force in combat 1966 - 1989.

The Lighter Side: You’ve got the call
Some former national servicemen recall their first week in the military.